Proof of Creation By an Invisible Force

The skeptic laughs at that which he does not understand but reality gets the last laugh. Some say it is equal to belief in invisible pink unicorns or tooth fairies or other fictitious creatures if one believes that God created anything by an invisible force. It is called irrational complication by others or simply unscientific by still more, but a proper understanding of the normal biological processes in a human being and other lower forms of life prove otherwise. We already know that information is altered in the normal operation of the genome. Information is also created daily that is fed into the existing information that is in the DNA or RNA. How is that?

The base of information that seems to remain in the DNA is not life. The process of life that uses that base of information must be activated and maintained by a force of some kind. Just as tons of information may be stored in a computer or computer disk the information is useless unless electricity is available to activate it and make it available for practical use. A mental force is needed for us to make use of the information that we get from books or wherever. All of the books in the library do nothing until they are activated by an invisible mental force. Pretty "spooky" eh? Maybe "invisible pink unicorns" are doing it? Anyway, to add to our illustration lets consider what happens when we see something or imagine something in our minds, or receive suggestions from another person. What happens to the information in our living genome? Well, it is fed new information of course, and unless one believes that DNA already contains the information that is contained in every conceivable thought or observation that may be made by a human then the conclusion is obvious. One must imagine a mysterious force that is yet unknown to exist if he concludes that our memories and mental processes cannot be explained by normal biological functions which are based upon the manipulation of information contained in the genome. So who really is imagining invisible pink unicorns here?

No one can accuse me of being one sided in this book because I have just solved a problem that has plagued the Darwinist for years. Where does new information come from? It must come from a mental source. We just saw one more illustration of the fact that it indeed does arise by an invisible mental process. We have also deduced that it alters the living genome. Now everyone can argue about how or if natural selection enters into this but that is not my point here one way or the other. The point of this book is not to disprove natural selection. The point is that information arises and is activated by an invisible mental force. It is created by an invisible force. Not only that but it creates a physical reality - tangible proof of its existence.

That act of creation occurs constantly. Even the unspoken word can create something entirely tangible. A mere thought creates something out of chaotic matter. What then can the spoken word create? Well ask your nearest car salesman. So we just proved that an invisible pink unicorn can create something physical that can be touched and felt and measured and weighed. Or maybe I should say that the thought of an invisible pink unicorn can create something from nothing. What has also been shown here is that DNA is not what we thought it was for years. This is not good news for our atheist friends. DNA does not even tell half of the story of life or how it came about. DNA is simply a pile of dusty books in a library. Only an intelligent mental source can do anything with it. The mental source is by definition more intelligent than the base of DNA. There is no inherent intelligence in books. The intelligence is in the authors who wrote them. The books are just prima facie evidence of an intelligent author just as DNA is evidence on its face of an intelligent creator.

On a side note; If the coded instructions in DNA were discovered on another planet what would everyone think? Think for a minute. If coded instructions were found on another planet what would you think? Obviously that would be evidence of intelligent life wouldn’t it? Too bad the Darwinists got a hold of DNA so soon. Atheist educators have succeeded in deceiving an entire generation. The creator of information is more intelligent than his creation. DNA is prima facie evidence of intelligently designed life. If the words were found scrawled in the sand in the dessert we would look for the author of them. Too bad they were discovered by scientists and subject to the peer review of the intellectual elite. They never have been very adept at seeing the obvious.

It is rather futile to try and figure out God with our little pea brains. It is absurd on its face for a created being to question the fact of his creation. Now let’s see where we are here: First we showed by simple logic that an invisible force is necessary to create the information that is in life. Then we proved that information is indeed created by an intelligent mental force. Now we have shown that intelligence creates physical reality. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the word was God... All things were made by him: and without him was not anything made that was made." (Jn.1:1-3)

So the creation of life has nothing to do with fictitious beings. It is simply a matter of deductive reasoning. That common sense tells us that there is a chain of events that leads not from inanimate matter to intelligence but rather from an intelligent invisible source to animate physical life. If God is in the entire universe as we suppose then he can change the outcome of any situation or person or event simply by thinking about it. And we have not assumed any miracles here at all. So far this is all based upon fact, experimentation and logical deduction.

So what is used to create information? Well it is the particles and space that is in the universe itself. If we assume that our mental force is a part of space and the universe then while it is invisible it can be assumed to be a part of the natural order and structure of the universe. After all, that which we see is made up of things that have never been seen. They are in fact theoretical particles, dimensions, waves or whatever. As Stephen Hawking said, they exist only in the mind of the theorist. It is entirely possible however that what exists in the mind also exists in reality. So if the present theories are reality except for a few “gaps” then an intelligent mental source could very well inhabit space and time and matter. Otherwise nothing makes sense. The other alternative is that today’s theorists are way off target and God simply did whatever he wanted however he wanted and they are in utter confusion about the whole thing. In either case God cannot be eliminated from the equation.

The conclusion to all of this is that intelligence creates life not that life creates intelligence. We create physical substance by the use of material particles that are activated by a mental source. The particles are only tools that are used by the intelligent source. God said that he made man out of the dust of the earth. The dirt is nothing but a tool in the hands of the Creator.

© 2003 by Raymond F. Hendrix. All rights reserved.