The Evangelical Atheist

"The fool has said in his heart, There is no God" - Psalms 14: 1

Ever searching, never finding, he never tires. In his endless quest for the un-god his ultimate goal is nothing. He sees the trees but not the forest. He is satisfied in his knowledge. He studies endlessly, searches books and ancient artifacts, in search of nothing. The hummingbird flies by and hovers for a moment, but he does not see. He is too busy with his microscope to bother. Perturbed he finally notices a blue one, then a red. It must be DNA he muses. Poor creature thinks he has a God.

The deer play in the woods. The kittens roll around the floor. Silly things. Donít they know that there is no reason for that? Grow up you little imps. Be like me. I subject such folly to pure logic. Get up from there and find some food. You must survive. He peers into the heavens hoping to find emptiness. He searches for black holes. When he finds one, he is ecstatic. He is now fulfilled, almost. What is in the hole he asks? Nothing I hope, he answers to himself. Uh oh, I found something. Well at least I am gainfully employed!

He blows things up trying to create something to prove that there is nothing. He plans and dreams and designs. He never rests until he succeeds in creating somethingÖfrom nothing. Life is all around him yet he must create it himself. I suppose he thinks there isnít enough of it. He worships the un-god. He rises early to find him. His life is dedicated to do his will. He seeks converts to his faith. He is an evangelist of sorts; a fanatic if you please. All praise, all honor, and all power is due his mythical deity, the un-god. He is a man of faith.

His children sit on his lap. His infant daughter giggles. Stop that you fool! What do you want? What is the logic in that? Has your mother fed you? His little son plays in the sand. He loves his daddy. He hugs him. Isnít the un-god wonderful? He has planned this show of seeming affection for the purpose of procreation. Such wisdom. He is so intelligent. He plants his crops and puts his seeds under the microscope to make sure that the un-god has done everything right; Otherwise, they might not grow. Ah yes, the rain. Perfect. The un-god has planned everything well without a plan. Amazing that the water is just what this seed needs. He puts the water under the microscope. Yes itís wet! Now I see how the seed grows without a God.

The sun rises then sets, all by the grace of the un-god. The moon and stars light the sky at night; accidentally I am sure. It is not too hot or cold (by some accident). The green things feed the air and the air feeds the lungs of every breathing creature. Then that breath feeds the plants. Where is my textbook? Letís see here, I know that there is an answer somewhere. Oh yeah, here it is: The un-god did it!

Weeping at a funeral? DNA I am sure, or perhaps an unconscious desire for procreation. Sacrificial acts of human kindness? It was in the genes no doubt. Heroes are just animals after all. He blinks his eyes. He hears. He smells. He talks. But he cannot see. He hears nothing that is not approved by the un-god. He is a true disciple. The Peacock struts by with his proud plumage; come here you protoplasmic glob of DNA, give me one of your feathers so I can put it in my test tube. There, you see, it was not colorful at all! It was all an illusion. It was simply light reflecting from blackness. I told you so! Now go about your business you proud bird before I analyze your brain and find the reason for your arrogance.

He builds a giant telescope. He plans it. He designs it and he builds it. He designs a computer so that he can prove that there is no designer. He designs the program to prove that there is no design. He gazes into the universe from a building he designed, sitting on a chair that he designed, and he looks for the un-design. He is frustrated because he cannot design without a designer. Each new invention contradicts his efforts so he closes his eyes and pretends the impossible. He is a miracle worker! Behold the un-god!

Bow before him you ignorant peasants. He will give you wisdom and knowledge. He knows all and is in all things. He is omnipotent! Sit here under my feet all you unlearned masses and I will convert you. Leave your petty God at the door and enter into my world of reason. Church begins promptly at ten A.M.

© 2003 by Raymond F. Hendrix. All rights reserved.