Selected bibliography

Much of the research for this book was accomplished by way of Internet educational sites that are too numerous to mention here. Any subject explored, be it DNA, tRNA, self organization, chaos theory, cell communication, information theory etc. can be brought up by the simple use of an Internet search engine. My favorite is The following three books contain a wealth of documentation for further study. I have listed them in the order of their relevance to the subject matter in this book. The last book is definitely written from the point of view of a materialist but despite it’s many references to “lady evolution” it is an invaluable source of information and I think it is required reading for anyone interested in the fantastic world of information and communication within God’s creation

Gitt, Werner. In the Beginning was Information (in English and German). Third English edition, CLV- Christliche Literatur- Verbreitung e V. Copyright 2001

Overman, Dean L. A Case Against Accident and Selforganization. Roman and Littlefield Publishers. Copyright 1997

Lowenstein, Werner R. The Touchstone of Life. Molecular Information, Cell Communication and the Foundation of Life. Oxford University Press. Copyright 1999.

About the author

Raymond Hendrix resides in rural Tennessee. His life experience ranges from navigation of submarines to commercial pilot to ministry with troubled teenagers. The Blind Atheist was researched in the United States and Thailand and written in Thailand. Other books by Raymond Hendrix include America’s Other Jesus and My Little Angels. He can be reached at